Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Kids, Oh My!

January was a thrilling month for Love Powered Life, as we gained increased momentum in our biofeedback adventures. To top the list, our new MIGHTIER biofeedback option is available to children with benefits like:

  • Increased ability to self regulate
  • 62% fewer outbursts
  • 40% less oppositional behavior
  • 19% less stress

With regular practice, kiddos build muscle memory to help them more automatically calm down in real life stressful situations. MIGHTIER uses a comfortable arm band, a dedicated tablet and super fun games to do this. It doesn’t feel like work; it feels like play.  Check out my daughter enjoying a few minutes of daily practice:

While MIGHTIER is a blast for kiddos, it is also fun for adults. I have been practicing daily and find it quite enjoyable and a relaxing way to unplug for a few minutes.

In other biofeedback news, our HeartMath HRV biofeedback program continues to grow, with the welcoming of a new client this past month. It is a delight to share the technology with them and see the benefits in vital areas of their lives, like:

  • Increased resilience in the face of trauma
  • Increased sleep
  • Increased feelings of peace and calm
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Decrease in depressive symptoms

HeartMath HRV biofeedback can be used alongside MIGHTIER biofeedback to increase overall wellbeing. To learn more about HRV, check out this fun video:

In other fabulous news, our board voted for practitioners to provide their own neurofeedback equipment, which is great news for you, our kind supporters. This means that your contributions are going directly toward services or personal devices, but not toward getting or maintaining clinician devices, like costly neurofeedback equipment. Instead of our supporters funding $10,000 for neurofeedback equipment, our practitioners will be purchasing their own equipment or leasing from one another, without Love Powered Life providing funding for that. It is always our goal to be the very best stewards of your gifts, so that you feel good about directly supporting client services and not a bunch of overhead costs. 

Take a look at this information about neurofeedback and its benefits for survivors of trauma, including people with lived experience of human trafficking and their families:

As we head into February, please keep Love Powered Life in your thoughts for:

  • Continued healing for existing clients
  • Funding to support new clients
  • Community connections with other nonprofits
  • Clinician access to neurofeedback equipment to benefit our clients

Thank you again for being friends of Love Powered Life and for making a difference for trafficking survivors and their families. You are part of their growth, their access to needed services, their healing, overcoming, thriving and ability to  be part of loving community.

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