Top 6 Highlights of 2019

Wow, what a beautiful year of getting to share love, safety and freedom with trafficking survivors and their families! Thank you so much for going on this wild ride with us and being part of what is happening at Love Powered Life through your friendship, volunteer hours and donations. You make it possible for us to provide healing support, recovery resources and opportunities for a brighter future to many individuals and families.

Without further ado, check out your support with Love Powered Life’s top 6 highlights of 2019:

#1: Clarified Role as Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Trauma Recovery Coaching Professionals

In 2019, we experienced great clarity about who we are and what our puzzle piece is in serving trafficking survivors and their families. While our desire is for folks to have access to housing, educational services, child care and so much more, this is best accomplished in community, rather than by spreading ourselves thin.

Love Powered Life’s role is specifically in the area of recovery services. We are thankful that we can provide HRV biofeedback, trauma recovery coaching and (soon) neurofeedback services to our clients, while we partner with others who specialize in housing, education, child care, healthcare, midwifery and more. Together we go far!

#2: HRV Biofeedback Certification

Many thanks to the guidance of Melanie Berry at Carolinas Biofeedback and to the good folks at HeartMath who made it financially feasible to become certified in HRV Biofeedback in 2019. In the spring, our founder attended their HMIP course to learn the ins and outs of HRV biofeedback, as well as several techniques to use with clients coping with PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, anger and more.

After taking the summer to complete the required HeartMath case study and report, our founder received her formal certification. Since then, Love Powered Life has enjoyed serving clients with HRV biofeedback and equipping them with lifelong tools for healing, health and thriving.


#3: Ministry Ventures Certification

Throughout the first quarter of 2019, Love Powered Life finished the last few months of our work with Ministry Ventures. With the helpful coaching of Melody Stoligrosz, we put together a tight nonprofit plan, including:

  • Ministry Overview
  • Funding Plan
  • Donor Care Plan
  • Fundraising Plans
  • Board Job Descriptions for 11 Positions

As a nonprofit, it is important to us to be good stewards of your donations and to serve trafficking survivors and their families in ways that reflect goodness and love. The certification process through Ministry Ventures equipped us with the tools to do that, as well as to begin building a strong board.

Screenshot (469)

#4: Othmer Neurofeedback Certification Course

Thanks to a generous award from Birchbox’s Future Starts Now Fund, our founder was able to fly to California with her service dog to attend the introductory course in Othmer method neurofeedback in December of 2019. During the five day course, she became proficient in using Sue Othmer’s protocol guide to help clients train their brains with neurofeedback. She attended with special concern for clients coping with C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and sleep related concerns.

The certification process will continue once our founder, Anne Kinsey, has a neurfeedback amplifier to start working with clients. Over the next two years, she will serve 20 clients with at least 20 sessions, complete a case study, reading summaries and attend a week-long practicum in California. We are excited for how our clients will experience relief and freedom from troubling symptoms as their brains learn to better regulate and function optimally.

For more information on what neurofeedback is and how it works, check out our founder’s blog.

#5: Human Trafficking Consultant Certification

2019 was a big huge year for certifications as we strive to serve our clients and the community with the very best in trauma informed services. During late summer of 2019, our founder worked with the National Survivor Network to become certified as a consultant who is equipped to provide training, keynote speaking and community speaking services to the community.

If you are looking for a speaker for Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January of 2020 or anytime throughout the year, contact us to check on Anne’s availability to come to your church, office, community group or small group.

Screenshot (470)

#6: Holiday Blessings Abound

Each year around the holidays, Love Powered Life provides blessing  bags and gifts to our clients and their families. This year, we are very thankful for a friend and donor who collected blessing bag items for her birthday in September and provided most of what was needed for 25 blessing bags! Additional donations made it possible to distribute those items and more to our clients and their families for the holidays this year. Thank you to everyone who has been part of sharing the hope of Christmas with trafficking survivors and their families!


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