Meet Us

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Here at Love Powered Life, we are passionate about creating loving community with trafficking survivors and their families. Our current ministries include nuerofeedback, trauma recovery coaching, HRV biofeedback and community education. God has given us a bold vision of providing safe paths to healing from the horrors of human trafficking. Trafficking survivors and their families are worthy of love, safety and freedom! We are Christ centered, trauma informed, survivor led and focused on serving the entire family.


Our founder, Anne Kinsey, first served trafficking survivors at a drug rehabilitation facility in 2004, as part of a seminary practicum. In 2008, she founded a support group for expectant mothers and found that some were currently being trafficked, or had been in the past. In 2014, she began volunteering at a local safe home for children who had been trafficked, offering respite care with her family, and in 2015 they began a mentoring ministry called, “Nails on the Trail,” which served trafficking survivors through hiking and the joy of survivor-created, inspirational nail art. Nails on the Trail became Love Powered Life as God granted us a vision for love-fueled recovery and healing services for entire families and trafficking survivors of all ages.

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