Board Spotlight: Amanda Austin

Friends, meet Amanda Austin, our Social Media chair on the Love Powered Life board of directors. Back in 2013, I was on a Facebook team page for a direct sales company that Amanda and I were both a part of and that’s when I met her for the very first time. As we were both working up the ranks to team managers, she was pregnant and had a baby, inspiring so many people to believe they could achieve success even in the midst of the busier seasons of life.

Over the next few years, Amanda, our friend Becca and myself were the three musketeers of our sales team and enjoyed planning and encouraging one another online and in person. Here is a photo of us living it up at a conference in 2015:


I remember a distinct moment at the conference when we sat together and shared a spiritual moment with God of just really knowing and believing that all things were possible. Over the years, we grew as spiritual friends who prayed with and for one another, as well as sharing personal growth goals and tons of knowledge.

Today, I’m feeling excited to let you get to know a bit more about Amanda. She’s a social media expert with a true heart for God and her family. I’ve asked her a few questions to help you get to know her.

Me: How do you hope to make an impact through Love Powered Life?
Amanda: Social media, public relations and digital marketing is crucial for non-profits to increase outreach and influence their audience! Sharing the mission and heart behind LPL will help build supporters, donations and advocacy. I see my role as helping to guide LPL solidify the brand and build a tight-knit community that will support those working directly with the survivors we serve. Small changes can make a huge impact.

Me: What do you do professionally outside of Love Powered Life?
Amanda: I am a marketing specialist for a biotech company by day and a digital marketing consultant in my spare time. My business, Honeycomb Social, helps businesses create simple, efficient and repeatable digital marketing systems through hands-on training and course work.

Me: In what way do you value social media management as an act of ministry?
Amanda: In addition to LPL, I handle social media for my church. When I’m creating posts, I think of the person who needs to see what is on my heart at that very moment. I think of what they might need to encourage them, inspire, lift them up, and then I schedule it and put it in God’s hands. I truly believe God can do amazing things with social media; through Him, it can be a tool to connect with people we don’t even know in profound ways. It’s like a message in a bottle for the digital age: God gives me the message, and I float it on the vast internet so it can reach the person who needs to see it. I might not ever know what comes of that, but God does. That’s where faith meets social media!

Me: Tell us something about you and your family.
Amanda: I am married to Kelsey and we have two amazing kiddos: Luke and Savannah. It’s been a joy to watch them grow and change and embrace who God created them to be. They are both kind, loving and so very funny.

Me: Can you think of a funny moment from your life?
Amanda: I can’t think of anything right now specific, because we are always laughing at our house! There are too many to count.

Me: Tell us about your faith life.
Amanda:  I lost my mother in August 2017. I had grown up in a church, but didn’t really have a relationship with Jesus, and if anything will help you do it in a hurry, it’s losing a parent. My husband and I decided to try out a local church plant and fell in love immediately. Being a part of Shift Church has helped me with my faith walk; I went from a baby to a toddler to an adolescent (I still can’t say I’m totally grown up!). I’ve been surrounded by so many brothers and sisters in Christ who show their raw imperfections and the grace they have been given so freely.

Last fall, Luke (9) was quietly sitting in the back seat when he said “Mom, I just asked Jesus into my heart.” The angels (including my Mom!) were rejoicing that night!

If my Mom was still alive, we probably would go to church when we felt like it, but although her death was crushing, God worked that situation out for our good. If He can transform this, He can transform anything.


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