Board Spotlight: Perrena Bernoudy

Friends, meet Perrena Bernoudy, our Finance Chair on the Love Powered Life board of directors. Back in 2003, I walked onto the campus of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) as a freshman in the M.Div. program. Having moved all the way from the Twin Cities down to Atlanta, I was hoping to meet a few new friends and Perrena was one of the first women I met.


We lived in the same seminary apartment building and shared several classes together. I also got to know her mom and her identical twin sister during this time, too. The first time I met Perrena, I remember thinking she was lots of fun, had a joyful spirit, powerful convictions and that this was a woman with a spiritual gift for prayer.  I remember slipping away with Perrena and a couple of other students into a nearby room when we broke into small groups for our Missiology class. Perrena prayed it down in ways that God used to give me goosebumps.

Over my years at ITC, we shared meals, saw Kirk Franklin live in Valdosta, went on field trips and even a mission trip or two. Here we are, circa 2004, on some kind of mission trip:


It’s hard to believe we’ve already known each other for something like 17 years. Where does the time go?

Today, I’m feeling excited to let you get to know a bit about Perrena, too. She’s a finance expert with a heart for the Lord and I asked her a few questions to help you get to know her:

Me: How do you hope to make an impact through Love Powered Life?
I would love to support Love Powered Life with helping people. I see a need in life for people to be able to live their lives without being burdened down with trauma. This organization helps with that.

Me: What do you do professionally outside of Love Powered Life?
Perrena: I am an accountant.

Me: In what way do you value helping people with their finances as an act of ministry?
Perrena: I have helped people with personal budgets which included giving an offering to their church or nonprofit organizations. Encouraging people to outline their life in finances helps them to feel empowered and have a structure for their spending.

Me: Tell us something about you and your family.
Perrena: I have one daughter and four siblings. My siblings include an older sister, two brothers and an identical twin. I have an awesome mom who is also in ministry. I have two dogs. Lollipop is a Basenji who jumps eight feet in the air and loves to give hugs. Wakanda Forever is a soft coated Wheaten Terrior who loves attention and loves to roll around in the grass and dirt.

Me: Can you think of a funny moment from your life?
Perrena: One time, I took my daughter and dog to my sister’s apartment complex. The back window was down halfway in my mini SUV. My dog, Lollipop, saw my sister and jumped out the back window to go to her. She was talking with one of her neighbors in the parking lot and he jumped back so fast. He said, “Woo, that dog can jump!” I said, “Ya, she is excited to see her aunt.” My daughter got out of the car to run to her aunt, as well. I’m the crazy one in the car calling Lollipop to come back. But, she was loving on my sister. ‘Til this day, I do not let the window halfway down anymore. I leave it down only a quarter of the way. And now, she has a seat belt and so does my other dog, Wakanda Forever.

Me: Tell us about your faith life.
Perrena: I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. I love to pray and sing praises to Jesus. I dedicated my life to Jesus at the age of 16. I was called to ministry in college, where I grew more spiritually.

I am so thankful to God for letting Perrena and I get to know each other and to be able to introduce her to you on the Love Powered Life blog, too. I am struck by the incredible financial ministry that Perrena offers, as well as by the wealth of knowledge she brings to the table on the board, as well as to her clients. To work with Perrena, send us a message and we would love to connect you!

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