5 Things God is Strengthening in 2020

My word of the year for 2020 is “strengthen,” and whenever God gives me a new word, He also has a habit of making that word come alive for me throughout the year. This morning, I knew I wanted to write something for you folks about what God is up to through Love Powered Life this year and that I wanted it to tie in with this word, “strengthen.”

I prayed, made my smoothie as I greeted the kids, then settled into my office for some quiet time. Every morning, I listen to a meditation on Abide before I move on with some scripture reading, journaling, HeartMath time and a bit of exercise. This morning, I opened my Abide app and the meditation wouldn’t load.

Oh well, I moved on with the rest of my quiet time routine, then fidgeted with the app, deleted, reinstalled it and then when it finally worked, I had a good laugh with God about His sense of humor. The scripture was Isaiah 40:31.


Yes, I had to wait for God on the timing of the Abide meditation this morning and, as usual, His timing was way better than mine. Abide’s meditation went at the end of my quiet time instead of the beginning so I could go right into writing this blog post for you folks. I believe God is just that intimate.

It’s also funny because I have a long history with this scripture, Isaiah 40:31. It has followed me through the past 17 years like this:

  • God gave me this scripture when I entered seminary in 2003 as His promise for helping me through.
  • I changed my email address to said scripture as a daily reminder.
  • I was learning to run in 2009-2010 and God put that scripture on repeat to help me pace myself.
  • In 2014, God called me to volunteer with On Eagles Wings Ministries in Charlotte, NC, which is how He eventually led me here to Love Powered Life.

Time and time again, God has revealed His faithfulness to me through this scripture working in my life, whether I recognized it at the time or not. So, I take it seriously that this is the scripture revealed to me this morning as I was praying on the word, “strengthen,” and His ministry through Love Powered Life.

It is because of God’s faithfulness through this scripture that I know He means business about the 5 things God is strengthening in Love Powered Life in 2020. We need only wait on His timing in these things and trust that He has gone before us. Without further ado, here are the 5 things God is strengthening:

#1 Neurofeedback Equipment

With the initial Othmer neurofeedback course behind me, we are ready to start serving our clients with neurofeedback as soon as we have the equipment. During the course, the equipment necessary became clear:

  • NeuroAmp II – $5,000
  • Advanced Media Player – $600
  • Neury Tactile Stimulation Puppy – $350
  • QIKtest – $829
  • Gaming Level Laptop– $2,000

This initial $8,779 investment in neurofeedback equipment will strengthen Love Powered Life to provide needed healing for trafficking survivors and their families who struggle with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, migraines and so much more. Many folks could sit in therapy for the next 20 years and not resolve the hundreds of traumas many of them have survived. These same issues can be easily addressed while they are in both neurofeedback and therapy, and this is because of how neurofeedback helps the brain learn to resolve root issues and function optimally. This is all possible without revisiting or reliving trauma, which honors God so much. It is truly Romans 12:2 and Philippians 4:8 in action.

As a woman who grew up believing that finances were out of reach for me, God is stretching my faith while I practice active waiting. Each time a ping surfaces in my heart that says, “That will never happen,” or “You are silly to believe,” I remind myself of God’s faithfulness and that He has already gone before us. God did not bring us this far to leave us. God did not call us to serve trafficking survivors and their families, only to change His mind. He is working out the finances, whether by handing me overalls, burdening folks to contribute, or finding grants, corporate funds, or other ways of making this possible.

In the meantime, we are practicing active waiting. For me, that means walking forward in faith with what He has already given me. I’m currently working on the over 100 pages of paperwork and several hundred hours of reading that are required as part of this neurofeedback certification process. He’s already provided all that is required for that and so it is a celebratory way to wait and walk forward in faith!

#2 Neurofeedback Practicum Week

Many thanks to Birchbox, we were able to begin the neurofeedback certification process in 2019, through attending the introductory Othmer course in California! Praise God! Over the next two years, I will be serving 20 clients with at least 20 sessions each through neurofeedback as part of the continuing certification process.

After we have been practicing neurofeedback with our clients for at least six months, it is time to head back to California for the Othmer Practicum week. During this week, they will equip me with increased skills in the following areas:

  • Client Assessment
  • ILF HD Neurofeedback
  • Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback
  • Synchrony Neurofeedback

With full faith that God is providing the neurofeedback equipment during the first part of this year, I am tentatively planning to attend the practicum week taking place on November 2-7, 2020. Like with the equipment necessary to serve our clients, we know that God is going before us in helping to make this a reality.

#3 Fun With Biofeedback

In 2019, we were able to earn certification in HRV biofeedback through HeartMath and have enjoyed serving clients with this since. It has been incredible to see people learn lifelong skills for regulation and to see the ripple effect of those skills as it becomes easier for them to:

  • Organize their daily lives
  • Face triggers instead of running from them
  • Develop healthy and meaningful relationships
  • Bounce back from trials with increased resilience
  • Enjoy the present moment in a healthier way
  • Experience God with more faith and less fear

We have helped both adults and children using HeartMath and it is so rewarding to see their coherence scores go up and stay up as they learn the techniques.

This year, we are also adding MIGHTIER to help kids learn emotional regulation skills through playing fun games. With practice, MIGHTIER helps these skills integrate into muscle memory so that healthy responses become automatic instead of something they have to work hard to experience.

In addition to MIGHTIER, we are praying about the possibility of adding the Safe and Sound Protocol to our practice to help clients who might benefit from shorter term interventions.

#4 Community Partnerships

When you folks partner with what God is up to at Love Powered Life, you are investing in the life, healing and spiritual growth of trafficking survivors and their family members. You create an opportunity for them to access trauma informed services and praying professionals who care about them, their lives, their families and their thriving.

As God grows His ministry through Love Powered Life, and now that we have training and biofeedback and neurofeedback professionals, we are looking to partner with new organizations in the Charlotte area. Some organizations that frequently serve trafficking survivors and their family members include:

  • Safe homes
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Ministries providing therapy to survivors

We look forward to sharing more about how God is growing this area of the ministry throughout 2020.

#5 Community Education

Whether you are wondering about human trafficking statistics, human trafficking prevention, or how to get involved, Love Powered Life is available to visit your church, small group, workplace or community group to share solid information with you. If you’ve ever wondered about how biofeedback and neurofeedback work, we’re also available to come and share with you on those topics, as well as about how those things can help someone who has experienced trauma. For more information or to schedule a time, contact us today.

As more and more people prefer to connect online, we also aim to provide education and information through social media networks. We are available for online educational events, group talks and more. In 2020, God has inspired Love Powered Life to also provide increased information and resources on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so feel free to follow us to learn more or get involved.

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